We value greatly the quality of our products in the way that you could be satisfied with the order. If the ordered products do not meet the expectations, you can return the order within 30 days after the date of receiving it.

general terms

  • After receiving the order you have a right to withdraw from the contract (see Conditions and Terms) within 30 days.
  • If you payed also for the shipping, the shipping costs will be included into the full refund (can not be applied to Express Couriers like DHL, DPD, ParcelConnect).

rules applied

  • Within 30 days you have a right to check out the product you ordered in the very same manner as you would do it on the spot, in a normal shop.
  • The customer is responsible for any loss of value of the product if it comes directly from the usage or mishandling of the product.
  • If the product has been used or mishandled in a way that the product has lost its value, we have a right to refund the product only partly or even refuse to refund it.

What to do?

  • In order to return the items you can contact us through email (info@helliston.eu) and inform us that you would like to return the items (or if partly, then what kind of items), or you can fill in a Return Form (https://helliston.eu/return-refund-form/).
  • If you contact us through e-mail, please provide us also with the purchase date and invoice number, and also with the product names you would like to return.
  • After this you can just return us the goods you bought by the transport company you prefer.

shipping costs

  • Unless otherwise agreed the returning cost will be payed by the customer.
  • Under the following conditions, the shipping costs will be payed by us: 1) the items do not correspond the order; 2) faulty items received; 3) incomplete order received; 4) false product information at the e-shop.


  • We refund your order to the same bank account that was used for payment with within 14 days after receiving the e-mail with the request of returning the ordered goods (or part of the goods).
  • Please note that if we have not received the order or we don not have the proof about return of the items, the payment period of the refund could be lengthened.
  • If you bought the goods and payed for the shipping costs, the shipping cost will be also included into the full refund.
  • Please note, if you have chosen at the Check Out the services of Express Couriers (incl. DHL and DPD or ParcellConnect), we can exclude the shipping costs from the refund.